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Let us care for you, the way you care for them.

Let us care for you, the way you care for them.

Welcome to VetCare

VetCare is a Canadian acquirer and operator of veterinary practices. For medicine first veterinarians who would like to end the responsibility of ownership, VetCare is a prospective buyer of your practice. We view ourselves as a partner in your succession plan, a purveyor of your legacy and an enabler for you to focus on medicine.


Our Philosophy

We were founded on the idea of delivering excellent patient care by combining professional business management with a talented medical team. We have a long-term mindset and believe that success lies at the intersection of excellent patient care, dedicated customer service, and a positive, collaborative team environment for our doctors and staff.

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What Makes Us Different

We strive to make your Transition goals come to life by customizing your sale arrangement to achieve your unique objectives. We are committed to excellent service to your patients, clients and staff. We help you transition with ease and peace of mind knowing that your practice is in good hands.

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