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What Makes Us Different

Meet VetCare, a proudly Canadian acquirer and operator of veterinary practices. Our commitment to care is at the heart of what we do, from guiding our talented medical and operations teams, supporting practice owners through seamless transitions, and providing the highest quality of care to patients through our community-focused practices.

As a veterinarian who has successfully operated and managed their practice, how do you feel about handing over the reins? You have poured hours, weeks, and years into the care of your patients and community. Stepping away to the next stage of your life is not an easy move to make.

But what if it could be made easier?

Why Trust VetCare?

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Comprehensive transition solutions

Your emotional and financial needs come first. After all, we understand that this is about more than just financial security. It’s your future happiness that lies in the balance.

Custom Made Approach

A made-to-measure approach

Every vet practice has its own culture, and every veterinarian has their own needs. You deserve more than a package deal. Your patients, staff, and community deserve more.

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People come first

Contribute directly to crafting and solidifying your practice’s goals and legacy beyond your involvement as owner. Because who else knows better what’s best for your patients and people?

Why Trust VetCare

Successful Transition Elevating Care

Richmond Animal Hospital has been a community cornerstone for animal care for the last 70 years. Hear Dr. Mike Schaufele’s story of why he selected VetCare, resulting in smoother operations and greater patient and client care. As we build on his legacy, the next 70 years are certainly going to be bright.

Read more about Dr. Schaufele and his team’s transition
Richmond Animal Hospital Team Photo
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Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital is a great institution that has made a massive impact in my life and career. I’ve learned so much, and I feel lucky to have worked with such a supportive and caring team.

Dr. Sandeep Mehmi, DVM & Aspiring Orthopedic Surgeon

Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Mehmi was able to become an orthopedic surgeon thanks to VetCare’s support and knowledge network.
Read more about Dr. Mehmi’s journey with VetCare

Dr. Sandeep Mehni

Proudly Canadian Practices

Our footprint stretches across the country. Interested in adding your practice to the map? We’d love to hear from you!

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