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“I’ve started to think about selling my practice but I haven’t decided
if that’s the right decision for me or not. What do I do now?”

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Your Transition Step-by-Step

We hear you. Handing over your vet practice is a big change and can become overwhelming very quickly. Let’s break down step-by-step what your transition might look like:


It all begins with a discussion

What is your vision for your vet practice? Is there a specific way you do things that you’d like the practice to keep? Do you wish to continue practicing, but simply shed the responsibility of ownership? What are your concerns regarding patients and staff?

We ask these questions and more because we deeply care about what you have built up over the years. Your involvement in customizing your transition plan is essential because it matters now, and for the future growth of your practice.

Let’s build the future of your practice, together.


Let’s look at the future

Once you are comfortable with your customized transition plan and you have a clear understanding how your legacy will continue to grow in our hands, it’s time to think about what comes next.

Many veteran vets often struggle to let go of the daily operations of a vet practice and with good reason! It’s not a job, as much as a lifestyle. That’s why we take a holistic approach to your transition. Starting with the financials, some practice management reports and general info, we dive into the mental and emotional aspects of the transition. If everything seems like a good match for us both we may be able to make an offer to purchase your business.

We truly care about your happiness and wellbeing, as well as that of your team, which is why we are alongside you every step of the way, from the offer, to close and beyond.


A toast to growth!

As you take on a path of peace and self-exploration, your vet practice will continue to be run with the goals and vision you set in place.

You win, your practice wins, your staff and clients win.

And that’s only the beginning of our journey. We’re here anytime you need us for guidance and we offer it with compassion. Whether you’re looking to be more or less involved with the vet practice or just looking for advice on a new hobby we got you.

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We’ve been growing every year, with the exception of one since we had the practice. I want to see that continue, I want to see my staff continue to be happy. I want the clients to continue to be happy with the service that we offer. And for that I have very, very high faith in VetCare.

Dr. Mike Schaufele, DVM and Former Owner

Richmond Animal Hospital

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Why Trust VetCare?

Comprehensive Transition Solutions Icon

Comprehensive transition solutions

Your emotional and financial needs come first. After all, we understand that this is about more than just financial security. It’s your future happiness that lies in the balance.

Custom Made Approach

A made-to-measure approach

Every vet practice has its own culture, and every veterinarian has their own needs. You deserve more than a package deal. Your patients, staff, and community deserve more.

People Come First Icon

People come first

Contribute directly to crafting and solidifying your practice’s goals and legacy beyond your involvement as owner. Because who else knows better what’s best for your patients and people?

Why Trust VetCare

Successful Transition Elevating Care

Richmond Animal Hospital has been a community cornerstone for animal care for the last 70 years. Hear Dr. Mike Schaufele’s story of why he selected VetCare, resulting in smoother operations and greater patient and client care. As we build on his legacy, the next 70 years are certainly going to be bright.

Read more about Dr. Schaufele and his team’s transition
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Meet the VetCare Transition Specialists

VetCare Business Development

Our business development team is here to help practice owners explore their succession goals and options. They provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your practice in the next stages of your career.

Business Development

VetCare Corporate Development Team

This is our team of financial analysts that helps us to understand how all of the reports translate into ‘real life’ information.

Corporate Development

VetCare Operations Team

Our People and Culture team is dedicated to recruiting, developing, and retaining top-tier medical professionals, ensuring that our practices are equipped with the talent necessary to provide exceptional patient care.

People & Culture

VetCare Regional Managers

Our regional managers provide 1-on-1 attention for you, your practice and your team.  We make sure they have the time to devote to the hospitals they care for so that you and your practice never turn into ‘just a number’.

Regional Managers


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