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Meet the VetCare Team

As you begin a dialogue with VetCare, you will come to know our team members who are each devoted to ensuring your transition is a success. We bring a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds together – from the fields of veterinary medicine, business transitions, operations, and accounting – giving us a holistic view of your Transition.

Andrew Black

Founder and CEO
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Kristy Ingram

VP Human Resources
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Julien Gilbert

Corporate Controller
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Amy Ma

Director, Business Development
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Caitlin Percival

Marketing Manager
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Nancy Lu

Hospital Analyst
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Thao Pham

Corporate Accountant
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Shalvah Awah

Corporate Accountant
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Diana Bolivar

Transitions Specialist
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Jonathan Cruz

Hospital Analyst
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Dr. Monty Beshay

Regional Manager Western Canada
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Sherri Kerr

Regional Manager Greater Toronto
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Louisa Cantelon

Regional Manager Greater Ottawa
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