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Success. As you define it.

We have helped veterinarians across Canada achieve their own visions of a successful Transition and this is something we take great pride in. Below you will find stories of their Transitions which we hope will inspire you.


"I've always dreamed of travelling." - Dr. Colleen Federici

When Dr. Federici (WCVM, 1987) first started a dialogue with VetCare in 2015, it was her intention to not only reduce her workload but also to find time to travel. She had assumed ownership of Hill ‘n Dale Animal Hospital in Mission, B.C. in 1990 and over many years of dedicated hard work as Owner, she built a trusted, reputable animal hospital that became a fixture of the community. In the early days of her ownership, there were no emergency clinics in the area meaning that the area clinics were on-call overnight for their clients. “Those were busy and incredibly stressful times” recounted Dr. Federici.

By 2015, the Practice had grown tremendously necessitating a larger support team and the hiring of other doctors to keep up with the needs of her clients. While Colleen was thankful for the growth that came with being a trusted care provider, it was challenging to meet the extra demands given her competing life priorities. “A that time, I was looking to reduce my hours and have more outside of work for spending with my family and for travel. I was not looking to increase my time at the clinic!”

When VetCare presented Dr. Federici with an offer to purchase Hill ‘n Dale she felt it was the right thing to do. “Quote ——“. Following sale, Colleen’s workload began to change with both fewer hours per week and more time off. Over the years since sale, she travelled to Scotland, India and throughout British Columbia. Colleen still enjoys practicing medicine, especially since she has now shed the responsibility of being an Owner. She currently maintains a reduced schedule of a couple days per week.


"VetCare invested in a modern hospital for the community" - Dr. Rick Westendorf

When Dr. Rick Westendorf  (WCVM 1991) approached VetCare in 2016, he hospital was bursting at the seams. Morningside Animal Hospital was situated in an idyllic rural setting in the Fraser Valley. It was located on the residential property of Dr. Westendorf. He started Morningside in 2002 and grew the reputation of his clinic to the point where they had literally run out of space in the current location. “It was time for the clinic to be relocated. We grew rapidly over a short period of time and the existing space no longer had the room we needed for our clients.”

VetCare brought a vision to Rick to build a brand new, modern hospital to accommodate his growing client base. Andrew, CEO and Founder of VetCare, remarked: “We wanted to bring a state of the art hospital to the community. There was clearly many satisfied clients who simply needed more room when they came in for an appointment!” Once VetCare became the Owners of Morningside, the team set to work on plans for the new hospital. Through the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, the new hospital launched in August of 2017.

Rick was pleased with the result. “They built a wonderful new hospital that is truly a fixture of the community.” The patients and clients of Morningside are now reassured by having a long term home for their care. As one client wrote “I feel luck to have them close by!”

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