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Our goal at VetCare is to alleviate any stress and uncertainty so that we can move towards this exciting future together.

Creating a Customized Transition

What is your vision for your vet practice? Is there a specific way you do things that you’d like the practice to keep? Do you wish to continue practicing, but simply shed the responsibility of ownership? What are your concerns regarding patients and staff?

We ask these questions—and more—because we deeply care about what you have built up over the years. Your involvement in customizing your transition plan is essential—because it matters now, and for the future growth of your practice.

Let’s build the future of your practice, together.



Emotional commitment and support



Employee morale



Team development

Hear directly from our Business Development team to find out what VetCare’s three-phased looks like in practice:

Employee Benefits of Joining VetCare

Change is scary, especially when it involves one’s career. Not all change is bad, however. Here are some of the employee benefits of joining VetCare:

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Increased career growth opportunities

In most cases, a team member’s general day-to-day duties won’t change much after the transition. However, we believe investing in employee development is one way to show team members that we value them. Our goal is to keep staff highly engaged and satisfied in their role for many more years to come, by offering individual growth paths aligned to their career aspirations.

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Added perks and benefits

When we do assessments for the practice, we start with the perks and benefits the practice is currently providing to the team. If there is something provided to the team members that VetCare doesn’t offer, then we may consider a top-up. We always aim to add perks and benefits to enrich the VetCare employee experience.

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Competitive salary monitoring

“Will the acquisition affect my pay?” is a very common question when it comes to transitions. We commit that a team member’s wage will never decrease after an acquisition. However, it may increase. As a company, VetCare regularly performs wage reviews that take into consideration market surveys and internal data. In addition, we offer an exclusive bonus program to increase employees’ total potential earnings, enabling them to earn more.

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We’ve been growing every year, with the exception of one since we had the practice. I want to see that continue, I want to see my staff continue to be happy. I want the clients to continue to be happy with the service that we offer. And for that I have very, very high faith in VetCare.

Dr. Mike Schaufele, DVM and Former Owner

Richmond Animal Hospital

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