Connecting Our Community: The Role of VetCare’s Medical Directors

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VetCare’s Medical Directors provide guidance on what best practice is — we encourage practices to self-assess, to see where they are and where they could be, and then we work with them to attain their goals.

We teach, coach, mentor, and share knowledge across 50 different practices throughout the country.

Within the realm of veterinary medicine, every practice has its own unique culture, challenges, and approaches to care. Yet, despite this diversity, there’s a shared desire to advance the standard of treatment for our beloved pets. At VetCare, this commitment to excellence is embraced and actively fostered through our community-based approach to animal health.

While we understand and respect the independence of each veterinary practice under our umbrella, we also recognize that there is immense value in sharing knowledge and experiences. This is where our Regional Medical Directors step in. As seasoned veterinarians and hands-on leaders, they play a pivotal role in engaging with teams and providing mentorship where needed. Their focus is not on paperwork and protocols, but on being present to foster a sense of unwavering support, continuous learning, and long-term improvement.

I’m excited about collaborating with so many different colleagues at various practices. I love that there are opportunities to mentor newer veterinarians, and also to learn from colleagues.  

We all became veterinarians because we have a desire to excel and do our very best by our patients and clients, however, we can connect on the fact that we are all humans, too.

Every team, patient, client, and family is different, so our RMDs don’t prescribe to a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we celebrate and nurture the individual cultures and identities of our practices. We also embrace new ideas — whether we’re sharing thoughts on effective surgical techniques, modern equipment, or clear client communication strategies, our collaborative approach enables us to cater to our clients’ needs and stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine.

At VetCare, we aim to make every member of our community feel heard and appreciated, because we know how valuable every person’s perspective is. Together, we’re capable of making a difference for the animals who need us. Together, we’re raising the bar for veterinary care.

In this role I have the privilege of being a part of such a large team of wonderful veterinary professionals! I especially love the variety each day brings, whether it’s working clinical shifts or coming up with new strategies to deliver top quality medicine.

My main goal as a veterinarian is to improve the lives of people and pets, and this role allows me to have such a wide reach!
-Dr. Craig Etherington,
RMD, Western Canada

Learn More About Our RMDs

Dr. Krista Nelson

Regional Medical Director, Eastern Canada

Dr. Krista Nelson is an experienced vet with over 15 years under her belt. Krista has a well-rounded background with diverse roles in emergency medicine, general practice, and leadership positions. An advocate for compassionate and progressive veterinary care, Krista has made a significant impact in the industry, and we’re delighted to have her steer our ship. She’s committed to driving excellence and innovation in all aspects of animal health. Her fervor for mentorship and her dedication to empowering veterinary professionals make her an invaluable asset to the VetCare team.

Dr. Craig Etherington

Regional Medical Director, Western Canada

A 2013 Ontario Veterinary College graduate, Dr. Etherington has a wealth of experience as a vet. He has taken on various roles throughout his career to promote pet wellness and disease prevention, including 6 years in general practice in Toronto as an Associate and Medical Director, and 5 years at Merck Animal Health as an Account Manager and member of their Companion Animal Veterinary Services team. Wellness and disease prevention are his passion and he’s been lucky to continue some clinical work through outreach volunteering while working in industry. In his spare time Craig enjoys anything outdoors and is excited for his move to beautiful British Columbia!

dr albert wimmers

Dr. Albert Wimmers

National Medical Director

Dr. Wimmers brings over 30 years of experience in the veterinary field to this role. Over the years, he’s been heavily involved with teaching within the Ontario Veterinary College and worked extensively with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. He enjoys mentoring veterinarians throughout the course of their careers, as well as running, biking, music and camping with his wife and their Sheltie.

“When I graduated, veterinary practices were standalone clinics. We were silos, and the person down the street was our competitor… whereas with VetCare, we’re working very hard to develop that sense of community in our practices. We’re able to get veterinarians to see each other as part of a larger entity, and to learn and lean on each other. That’s absolutely huge. 

This powerful perspective underscores the significant shifts that VetCare is leading in the industry. We’re actively working towards tearing down the silos and building a strong, unified, collaborative community that, ultimately, leads to better patient care and a more enriching work environment for our staff.

Many veterinarians are looking for a collaborative approach and for newer veterinarians, it’s key to have a very defined mentorship program or mentorship path. It’s our goal to provide that support at VetCare.”
-Dr. Albert Wimmers
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