Owner Transitions: Succeeding Together With Empathy

“A few years ago, I read a NY Times article about the veterinary industry—it said that ‘people care about their pets more than they care about their health,’ which spoke about the growth in the field. This intrigued me, and as I started doing more research, I recognized there was a tremendous amount of acquisition activity happening. Leading teams through change has been a continuous theme in my career path, and I knew I wanted to be part of this in some way.”
Sherri Kerr, Director of Transitions

Here at VetCare, we know that during the transition process compassion is vital, vital in the same way the heart is needed to keep your legs pumping. It can be an emotional time with uncertainties about the future of your veterinary career running rampant, but our focus during the transition (and beyond) is, and will always be, maintaining care for your team members, practice clients and furry friends. 

Upon selling your veterinary practice, choosing the right team to hand the reins to is a difficult decision. Our goal is to alleviate any stress and uncertainty so we can move toward an exciting future together.

We have gathered a highly-skilled transitions team who oversee the process and engage with our practices to show how VetCare operates, ensuring a successful team integration that is tailored to each practice.

The Faces Behind Transitions

Throughout the transition process, our team’s objective is to preserve what makes your practice unique and successful. We’ll never dilute your secret sauce! In fact, we strive to add a little something extra: more value, provide cohesive support, facilitate growth and enhance exceptional practice owner and team member experiences. 

Ensuring we deliver a smooth and satisfactory transition for each and every practice, we have Sherri Kerr, our Director of Transitions and Heidi Craig, our Transitions Operations Manager leading the way—and we couldn’t be prouder! 

Sherri, Director of Transitions

Sherri Kerr, Director of Transitions

Before joining VetCare, Sherri was in the human healthcare medical services sector for 12 years. She held executive management positions in client services, sales, and operations across a Canadian-owned company. 

“After meeting Andrew Black, the CEO & founder of VetCare, his passion and drive won me over. I was drawn in and knew VetCare was the place to be.”
Sherri Kerr

Heidi, Operations Manager of Transitions & RVT

Heidi Craig - Transitions Manager | RVT

When Heidi left Veterinary Pharma as an RVT, she wanted to further her career in the veterinary industry as it was her passion, her network, and her life for 30 years! Different companies in the industry approached Heidi, but none lit her fire until she heard about a growing company where compassion was key.

“I started to hear about VetCare from friends in the industry. It was a smaller Canadian-owned business that interested me; I did homework on the company and cold-called HR to introduce myself. After two years of searching, I have finally found my ideal team, and I would encourage clinics to explore options to learn more about VetCare.”
Heidi Craig

A Journey Through Passion, Care And Empathy

Trust Is The Foundation Of A Successful Relationship. 

The care of our veterinarians and team members throughout their entire journey with VetCare is of utmost importance to the transitions team. 

“The process of acquisition and transition can be very emotional, stressful, exciting, and sometimes scary; everyone is wired differently to manage and cope with change, so each situation, although the same, is totally different. Throughout my 30 years in the industry, countless changes have occurred, some good and some not-so-good. We have a new generation of Veterinary teams, a higher standard of care, a higher expectation from pet owners, and a focus on work-life balance and mental health. It is exciting to ride the wave of change and help those that may struggle with the new realities.”
Heidi Craig
Wondering what a team transition might look like for your practice? Reach out to our team directly today by emailing transition@vet-care.ca.
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