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What Makes Us Different

Meet VetCare, a proudly Canadian acquirer and operator of veterinary practices. Our commitment to care is at the heart of what we do, from guiding our talented medical and operations teams, supporting practice owners through seamless transitions, and providing the highest quality of care to patients through our community-focused practices.

As a veterinarian who has successfully operated and managed their practice, how do you feel about handing over the reins? You have poured hours, weeks, and years into the care of your patients and community. Stepping away to the next stage of your life is not an easy move to make.

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We’ve been growing every year, with the exception of one since we had the practice. I want to see that continue, I want to see my staff continue to be happy. I want the clients to continue to be happy with the service that we offer. And for that I have very, very high faith in VetCare.

Dr. Mike Schaufele, DVM and Former Owner

Richmond Animal Hospital

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