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Let's start with the destination in mind

Transition is that moment when your day, responsibilities and role begin to shift from the current state, where you are an owner, to the “to be determined” future state. Have you envisioned what your future state will look like?


What Will Your Transition Look Like?

You now have a blank slate. What will a successful Transition look like for you? For your practice? What is important to you, your family, patients, clients, and team? This ‘visioning’ step is an essential piece of the Transition process as it allows us to set goals on what we would like to achieve in coming up with your Transition plan.


Customizing Your Arrangement

Do you wish to continue practicing, but simply shed the responsibility of ownership? Perhaps you wish to reduce your hours in order to make time to travel or spend more time with loved ones? Have you always wanted to focus more on surgery and leave consultations to someone else? We seek to customize your arrangement to match your unique goals.

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