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Our Team

Our Team

Meet the VetCare Team

As you begin a dialogue with VetCare, you will come to know our team members who are each devoted to ensuring your Transition is a success. We bring a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds together – from the fields of veterinary medicine, business transitions, operations and accounting – giving us a holistic view of your Transition.




Andrew Black, Founder and CEO

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of VetCare and is responsible for assisting practice owners realize their personal Transition goals and ensuring our hospitals deliver top quality medicine to our patients. He is driven by the belief that excellent management brings better medicine to patients and ultimately improves health outcomes. He brings corporate management experience as a consultant, finance manager and accountant. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is a Chartered Accountant.


Andrew Wilson, VP Corporate Development

Andrew is Vice President of Corporate Development at VetCare and leads our hospital acquisitions. Andrew works closely with practice owners to discover their transition goals and craft purchase arrangements that met their unique needs. He brings a wealth of experience in structuring and managing business acquisitions. He is a professional accountant (South Africa) and a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Julien Gilbert, Corporate Controller

Julien is Corporate Controller at VetCare and leads our corporate finance and accounting. For our new hospital acquisitions, Julien works with owners throughout the process to ensure that finances and administration are transitioned smoothly. He brings experience from the Education sector working in a multi-entity environment. He holds a Master in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management from HEC Montreal.


Dr. Monty Beshay, Regional Manager Western Canada

Monty is Regional Manager of Western Canada at VetCare. He is responsible for leading our hospital teams in delivering top quality care to our patients and excellent service to our clients. Monty believes that teams perform at their best when they are challenged and supported. He brings experience from Kane, a veterinary supply company, Pfizer and as a veterinary surgeon and practice owner in Egypt and Dubai. He holds a DVM from the University of Cairo and an MBA from the American University in Cairo.


Tom MacDonald, Regional Manager Southern Ontario

Tom is a Regional Manager supporting our Southern Ontario practices. He’s a credentialed Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional. He has held leadership positions as co-founder of an AAHA accredited veterinary practice and as President of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. As an instructor at Olds College, a consultant, and mentor to high performance teams, Tom has a proven track record of supporting team development and practice growth.


Sherri Kerr, Regional Manager Greater Toronto

Sherri is the Regional Manager of Greater Toronto at VetCare. She is responsible for assisting our practice teams on delivering best practices and gold standards in quality of care. She brings senior level management experience from the medical services industry, and believes in a holistic, collaborative, principle-centered approach to leading and developing teams. She has an ever-growing mindset and attitude for learning and holds certificates in globally recognized methodologies including Franklin Covey, Dale Carnegie and a Six Sigma (SSGBC) certification.  Sherri knows that successful teams build successful practices!


Louisa Cantelon, Regional Manager Greater Ottawa

Louisa is the Regional Manager of Greater Ottawa, and is responsible for leading our teams in delivering exceptional care to our patients and clients.  Louisa believes that teams who trust and inspire one another, foster an environment of integrity, collaboration and excellence upon which to serve our community.  Louisa brings best practices and experience from the dental industry and has a background in Computer Science and an MBA from Athabasca University.


Diana Bolivar, Transitions Specialist

Diana is the Transitions Specialist at VetCare. She manages administrative components and provides professional customer experience to the owners and the staff at the clinics during the initial months after the acquisition. She also collaborates closely with owners and managers to effectively transfer suppliers accounts under VetCare management, and provides training in tools or software used  for scheduling, payroll and revenue reports. Diana believes that effective communication holds the key to a successful and smooth transition process at VetCare.


Jonathan Cruz, Hospital Analyst

Jonathan, our Hospital Analyst, works closely with owners and the VetCare team to evaluate new hospital acquisitions. He helps owners obtain the information needed for the evaluation and helps VetCare develop an understanding of the hospital. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.


Shalvah Awah, Corporate Accountant

Shalvah, our Corporate Accountant, works closely with owners and the VetCare team to ensure that accounting – including payroll, tax filings and accounts payable – run smoothly and efficiently. She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Victoria and an Accounting Diploma from the University of British Columbia.


Thao Pham, Corporate Accountant

Thao is our Corporate Accountant and is responsible for bookkeeping duties, payroll and Financial
Statement preparation. She holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from the Macquarie University.

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