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Meet VetCare

Meet VetCare

Transition from Ownership to Freedom with VetCare

VetCare is an independent, Vancouver based company focused exclusively on acquiring and operating veterinary practices. We were founded by Andrew Black with the idea of delivering excellent patient care by combining professional management with a talented medical team. We strive to make your Transition goals come to life by customizing your sale arrangement to achieve your unique objectives. We are wholly Canadian owned and operated.


Our Mission

VetCare aspires to be a leading provider of high-quality veterinary medicine in Canada. Through a network of well-managed hospitals, our care will enhance the quality of life of our patients, comfort our clients and realize the ambitions of our medical team.


Our Team

We have a dedicated team of management and veterinary professionals who will work with you from the initial crafting of your sale arrangement, through the sale process and following sale to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

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Our Canadian Roots

Practice owners are oftentimes keenly interested in the background of VetCare, the prospective new owner of their hospital. We are pleased to report that VetCare is 100% Canadian owned and operated with our offices located in Yaletown in Vancouver, British Columbia. We were founded in 2015 by Andrew Black.

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